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Why to choose French cosmetics?

26 August 2018

When using cosmetics, each of us is faced with countless choices. And first of all, let’s consider the origin of the products. French, German, American, Japanese or Korean cosmetics? From what country should Vietnamese women choose their cosmetics?

In practice, each has their own criteria of choice. And, if we liken make-up to an art, French cosmetics would be a typical pioneer school that any beauty devotee should experience.

Why? Let’s look at history.

The story of the French cosmetic industry began from the 16th century. While the United States had not come into existence yet and Asian women just knew to spread oral tips for simple make-up, as one of the leading countries in the industrial revolution, France offered its scientists the blessing of its fertile lands, moderate climate and all-year fragrant flower fields. The French cosmetic scientists began to exploit the two strong points, science and nature, to create various cosmetics women would have in their dreams. Over many decades, taking advantage of the development of technology, engineers constantly carried out research into new active elements, essences from flowers and plants that were then put into application one by one. Experience from the past few centuries has generated a rigorous system of criteria to enable the French cosmetic industry to deliver the safest and most efficient products up to this day.

By 2017 the total value of the world cosmetic industry reached 48.6 billion US dollars, in which France took the lead with 8.6 billion US dollars, accounting for 17.7% of the global total value. This figure reflects both the quality of and women’s love for “made in France” cosmetic products.

In a comparison, French cosmetics do not have good, eye-catching appearance as their Korean or Japanese counterparts. And also unlike the beauty products promoted by Hollywood superstars on Instagram, most French cosmetics are not products that break the old order. They do not even offer suspiciously low prices as cosmetics from Thailand or China. As things show, French cosmetics look simple, are not given much aggressive advertising and offer relatively high prices because instead of investing in advertisement, French manufacturers tend to attach more importance to quality using proprietary formulas obtained from rigorous specialized scientific research.

Do you know that dermatologists often confidently prescribe cosmetic medications from France to patients with skin problems?

It is the formulas based on natural extracts that create mild products suitable for the most sensitive skin, resolving the most difficult problems that conventional cosmetics would give up to.

Do French cosmetics have defects?

 For Vietnamese users, the only defect of French cosmetics is that they are made based on studying the skin of Europeans which is naturally different from that of Asians.

Therefore, a question is posed, would there be any French cosmetics specially formulated for Asian women? Any French technological product to serve the Asian skin meeting the conditions of hot and humid weather that is typical of the Southeast Asian region?

The good news is yes!


While waiting to visit the Eiffel Tower, the poetic River Seine, the rose and lavender fields spreading out to infinity, and to meet with romantic and elegant French souls, experience now the subtlety strong in French style that is designed particularly for Vietnamese women and served right on their dressing tables.