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Why gratitude is important and how it will change your life?

01 October 2018

Nowadays, there are more and more anxiety, fatigue, and anger that people must face with, so it is necessary to take time to express gratitude.

Gratitude is an attitude of respecting, remembering the good that others give us. Our ancestors believed that good things do not come to us easily because it is a struggle time of building, exchanging from previous generations.

Many studies show that nature of gratitude is self-sufficient. It means that the more gratitude you express, the more benefits you can enjoy, such as security sense.

Gratitude improves your mental health and brings happiness

You are tired of anxious, unhappiness, unsatisfactoriness and depression? Try to practice gratitude. Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at UC Davis, shows in his research that gratitude helps increasing happiness and reducing depression. It is like an antidote for negative emotions, jealousy, hostility, anxiety and irritation

Gratitude can bring positive experiences to you

You can immediately tell ten important events in your life. However, when those things come and go, we rarely have time to remember their greatness and memorability. Even you are too busy or distracted to make the most of joy that some good things bring to us at this moment. Gratitude allows you to relive past events and revive the positive emotions that were created at that time. You can simply make yourself happy and optimistic by living in these events and enjoying the pleasure that it brings you. By focusing on and engaging in the present moment, you will attract more happiness and appreciation from your experiences.

Gratitude helps you dealing with stress and difficulties in life

Injuries, stress and other negative events can affect the intuition and make us feel more grateful. All the positive things in life are clearly gathered when something tragic happens to us or people around. When we deal with stress or adversity, gratitude helps us to healthy facing with and handling our emotions. It makes you focusing on the positive aspects of life, rather than making yourself being overwhelmed by negative events.

Gratitude raises your confidence and self-esteem

Gratitude allows you to think about achievements, people you meet in life, people important to you, and the blessings coming to you every day. When you focus on these things, you can see the beauty of your life and how much you have done so that the good things happen. Being grateful for all your competencies, skills, interests and aptitudes shall motivate positive feelings about yourself, hence becoming more confident. Rather than focusing on failures and the past.

Gratitude raises empathy

When you understand what you have, you can deeply acknowledge about what others do not have. Thanking for easily having food and water shall inspire you supporting or helping others. The expression of gratitude makes you more aware others’ emotions and pains

 Gratitude improves your physical health

If you want to be healthy, always be grateful. According to a 2012 study, people who express gratitude have less pain and feel stronger than others. They also tend to practice healthy activities, eat better, stay healthy and improve their longevity.

Gratitude gives you a better night's sleep

Many studies have shown that daily writing the things that make you grateful before going to the bed can reduce anxiety and pessimism, help you relaxing and sleeping faster.

Gratitude nurtures resilience

In fact, gratitude has been shown to be an important factor preventing post-traumatic stress disorder for veterans of Vietnam war and the 11 September terrorist attacks. By expressing gratitude, you can build your “inner muscles”, which allows you managing difficulties of life caused by emotional traumas.

Gratitude enhances relationships

In life, when you want to improve relationships (love, friends or colleagues ...) you need not to let them know that you are grateful (although it is a nice thing to do). As long as you feel it yourself, your relationship with them will be improved naturally, because gratitude improves intimacy and connecting with others. The more you feel close to the important people in your life, the more you will discover and enjoy them - making you feel more grateful.

Gratitude enhances mindfulness

Whenever you feel being swept away by distractions, negative news, or psychological clarification, turn your attention to gratitude. Focus on everything around that you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch which makes you feel grateful.

When you focus on the goodness in front of you, you can experience and appreciate the moment without suffering or distraction.

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