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09 August 2018

As the time passes, as we are getting older, the skin will be aging too. All the wrinkles, age spots, dark circles around eyes...will appear. One of the main reasons of these is the impairment of collagen in quality and quantity in our bodies.

So, what do you know about collagen and its effects on our skin?


Collagen is one type of protein accounting for 25% of total protein of the body and 70% of skin structure. Collagen is distributed mainly in hypodermis, with the main function of connecting tissues in the body, stimulating metabolism. It is considered as a colloid connecting subcutaneous cells. No doubt that collagen is one of the factors determining the strength and beauty of the skin.


It keeps the skin smooth, soft, strong; protects skin from wrinkles, especially around the eyes, neck and forehead.

It helps to protect the skin from sagging, loosing, especially for women after giving birth to their children.

Scars are formed because collagen and elastin bonds of the skin are broken. Meanwhile, collagen has the positive effects on the production of new cells, helps the skin restore quickly, resulting in the decrease of scar appearance.


Face massage

Massage can stimulate to collagen reproduction and boost the muscle strength. The regular stimulation of facial muscle help to promote skin strength, increase blood circulation and produce more collagen. Therefore, you should have regular facial massage as part of skin care routine.


Healthy and appropriate diet

Beans, cabbage, and garlic are foods rich in sulphur which facilitate collagen generation and maintain natural pigmentation of the skin. 

Foods such as guava, lemon, papaya, orange, pepper, strawberry, kiwi rich in vitamin C promote collagen and minimize harmful effects of oxidation.

garlic    papaya

You can also use supplementation for greatest absorption.

Stop smoking

Smoking can reduce the production of collagen and break elastic bonds resulting in unsmooth and less strong skin. Smokes also reduce blood circulation in skin cells, decrease the oxygen and nutrition amount to issues of epidermis, produce wrinkles, dry skin, discolour and skin aging. Stop smoking if you want to have beautiful skin.

Reduce sugar intake

Sugar (glucose) is as harmful to skin as smoking. By a process called glycation, glucose links to collagen. Hence collagen renews less, resulting in dry, dark-tone skin and speed up the aging process. To avoid the above effects, we should limit our sugar intake, especially refined white sugar.  

Hydration: key factor to promote collagen

Hydration is defined as maintaining water in the body by electrolytes, keeping the body from being short of water.   
To protect skin from dehydration, drinking a lot of water, taking hydrated foods and using appropriate moistening methods for your skin are essential to promote collagen production. Therefore, it is mandatory to protect your skin during the day and nurture your skin at night.

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