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17 August 2018

The 7th night of the 7th lunar month is much referred to ancient legends based on the human observation of natural phenomena.


At the end of every summer the Lyra and Aquila constellations are very high in the starry sky, and they tell us a love story:


 “Once upon a time, there was a young cowherd named Altaïr. One day, he happened to see seven beautiful fairies swimming in the lake, cheered on by a mischievous companion, a bull, he took their dresses. The fairies told the youngest and most beautiful among them to go and get their dresses. Her name was Vega (the Weaver). She ran where they had left the dresses but as Altair saw her, she had to stay and become his wife. They lived happily together and had 2 pretty kids. Absorbed by her husband and kids, she forgot that her duty was to weave sunset clouds in the sky.


As a result, the Empress of Heaven got furious, took her hairpin, and with it drew the Milky Way River to divide the couple for ever. Since then, Vega had to keep sitting for ever on one of the river banks, weaving in sadness while Altaïr could just see her from the other bank while raising their two kids.


But one day, a flock of crows felt pity for them. They flew into the sky forming a bridge crossing the Milky Way for Altaïr and Vega to be together. Therefore, on the 7th night of the 7th lunar month, the couple could meet once each year. When they met, their tears dropped onto the world and they were called “sudden and brief shower”. The 7th n night of the 7th lunar month is called That Tich Day. 

Milky Way

Normally on this day, young girls make gifts by hand for their lovers. However, if you are not skilful enough, that would be no problem. What matters is the true feeling you have for the one you love. Couples also find a good place to behold the Altair and Vega stars in the night sky and make promises to be together for ever.