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Your skin routine according to your horoscope (1)

Each horoscope has its own traits, which can explain the origin of particular skin problems. Do you know your horoscope? Let’s go together to discover some interesting tips for skincare base on your birthday.

Aries (21/3 - 19/4)

Aries women usually have beautiful skin, less acne. Their frank, outspoken, optimistic personality helps them to avoid stress or pessimism that causes acne or dark circles. Aries are cheerful, love smiling and like make people laugh, so wrinkles may be appeared soon on their face. Besides, they are quite “lazy” and careless with skincare, so their skins are often dry. In fact, complicate skin care routine cannot be suitable for Aries. Therefore, Aries should choose multi-functional products, especially anti-aging, moisture product with fresh fragrance.

Taurus (20/4 - 20/5)

Taurus people usually has darker skin than others. When choosing skin care products, Taurus usually get focus on economic factors. They absolutely do not tend to cheap things, they want a high quality product worth the money spent. Taurus will not hesitate to spend money for products which are clearly certified and with a guaranteed quality. However, Taurus’s skin is quite similar to their personality, which is hard to change, conservative, rigid. Therefore, no matter which product, Taurus should be patient, should not be disheartened when the effect does not appear quickly.

Gemini (21/5 - 21/6)

The Gemini woman who is enthusiastically try and review dozens of cosmetics to introduce, advise her friends, and it goes with to their sociable personality. They like to try new things, but Gemini often do not consider some factors as brand name, quality, they are usually attracted by the eye-catching products making difficult to ignore some unrealistic advertisements. Because of using various products, skin of Gemini is easily irritated, which push them to continue trying improving methods, products. Gemini, please avoid using different cosmetics and be careful with new products!

Cancer (22/6 - 22/7)

Cancer is horoscope of family and the kitchen. They like natural products. The skin of Cancer shows often acne with large pores. Perhaps because of cooking hobby, they are usually in the kitchen where there is heat, grease and they can eat a lot of sweets, greasy foods. Therefore, Cancer should focus on skin cleansing, and remember to use a product to tighten the pores as well as pay more attention to diet.

Leo (23/7 - 22/8)

Leo has bright skin, but sometimes get bruised. Maybe the reason is that they are impatient to remove nasty acne as their strong, assertive personality. In addition, Leo likes going out but regularly forget to use sunscreen, so a product with complex functions of sun protection, lotion and blurring is a ideal solution for Leo.

Virgo (23/8 - 23/9)

Virgo’s skin is sensitive as their personality. Virgo trend to carefully products in one set, with detailed consideration about packaging design to fragrance and composition. Virgo industriously take care of their skin, they understand step by step of skincare routine, always remember sunscreen and minutely spend time to apply mask. But the downside is that they are too focused on detail and they spend time standing in front of the mirror which make them exacerbate problems on their skin. Virgo, let’s relax and smile because so many people are admiring your skin.

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