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Skin care beauty tips for office ladies

It may seem that spending majority of your time in the office environment is safe for the skin because "the sun doesn’t shine onto the face and the rain doesn't pour onto the head. However, there are still dangerous agents, silently making your skin worse.

Let's find out these risks and the secrets to protect your skin in the office.

Did you know computer screens emit radiation that can cause skin to become dry, produce more oil, cause melasma and age skin? Not only computes, but printers and photocopiers not only also have radiation, they also have chemical emissions, micro-dust ink that can cause acne and allergies.

Additionally, sitting in an office where the air conditioning is running continuously can dehydrate the skin. Sedentary life, sitting majority of the time, can also make the skin pale and lifeless. Stress caused by deadlines, quotas, meetings and copies amount of coffee consumption can also cause skin acne.

So what is some skin care beauty tips to keep your skin beautiful, radiant when you are required to spend majority of your time in the office?

 1. Place a plant near the electronics to absorb computer radiation and chemicals.

Not only do plants help to decorate the desk, and boost your spirit and mood, it also detoxify the air around you to promote better health and skin. Though most of the greeneries do help to absorb radiation and harmful chemicals, here are some that are most effective in detoxifying indoor air: tiger's tongue, yellow betel nut, aloe vera, lotus stone, spider orchid, American fern.

2. Sit at least 35 cm from the computer screen and as far away as possible from other devices such as printers and photocopiers.

It is especially important to wash your hands with soap thoroughly after contacting with the printer. Your hands are likely to be sprinkled with printer powder when you perform activities at the printer such as to remove paper. You may not notice since these powders are very small, smooth and hard to see with the naked eye. If you accidentally touch your face, the printer powder can poison your skin and cause mild acne allergies. Ideally, printers and photocopiers should be placed in a corner of a separate room where ventilation is available.

3. Drink plenty of water

Not just a skin care beauty tip, but a tip for general wellbeing, drink plenty of water. When one is focused and engrossed in work, one can often forget to do something very simple and necessary, which is to drink water! A commonly known fact: one should consume a minimum of 1.8 liters of water every day. This is particularly important if you spend majority of your time in the office since the air conditioning can dehydrate both your skin and body. A common favorite drink amongst office workers is coffee as it can give you a shot of energy to get through the day. However, coffee is not good for the skin because the caffeine in the coffee is a dehydrator to the body. Try drinking green tea instead. Though it also contains caffeine, but it is at a much smaller quantity. It is also packed with anti-oxidants to fight the environmental aggressors attacking your body and your skin. Other recommended liquid to consume are filtered water, lemonade, or vegetable soup.

4. Use sunscreen

Sunscreen not only protects you from the sun! It also helps protect your skin from the radiation of your computer. If you tend to step outside during lunch break, your skin is also protected against the sun. If you're mostly sitting in a closed room, a sunscreen with sun protection with SPF15 that also moisturizes your skin is perfectly sufficient.

5. Use mineral spray throughout the day

Our last skin care beauty tip for office ladies. When you spend all day in the office, mineral spray is an indispensable savior for your skin. To re-emphasize, air conditioner is a major culprit for dehydrated skin. Use mineral spray to moisturize whenever your skin feels tight and dry. You can also use the mineral spray combined with makeup remover as an interim solution to clean the skin when you feel the skin is clogged.