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Oily skin care in the dry season

If summer is a nightmare for oily skin, is the dry season the paradise? Unfortunately, this is not true. There are two common misconceptions. First, some ladies mistakenly believe that oily skin is already hydrated and moist enough, and hence even during the summer, they do not need skin care. The truth is, oily skin only has excess oil and not water. Moisture imbalance is actually one of the reasons the sebaceous gland is more active and hence produce more oil. Second, many ladies also think that because during the winter, their skin are less oily hence less hydrated, so they are more diligent about skin care steps than during summer. As a result, the overload skin care steps and products during the dry season, causing the sebaceous gland to secrete more sebum and develop more acne.

 If you suffer from the symptons described above, take our advice below on oily skin sare in the dry season. Assuming you already have a regular skincare routine, consider adding some of the following small skincare tips during the dry season: 

1.      Wash your face with cool water twice a day with a pH neutral cleanser. 

Note that the water should be cool. Do not use warm water, which will cause further skin dryness, irritation, and flaky-ness. Do not use cold water as it may be unpleasant. Stay away from aggressive facial cleansers and go for mild products even for oily skin. 

2.      Choose multi-effective skin care products and avoid multiple steps and layering 

Will multiple steps and layers of skin care provide better moisture? Not really. Too many layers of skin care even during the winter will in fact clog the pores and make them hard to breathe and, as a result, more sebum is produced. Instead, our recommendation for oily skin care in the dry season is to choose multi-effect products that moisturise, brightens, and protects against UV. 

3.      Use face masks more often 

During the winter, face masks may not be as enjoyable to use as they usually are during the summer. You may even be reluctant to use them because during the winter, weather is quite cold. Despite of its inconvenience and potentially unpleasantness, all types of skin care masks have a very good effect on oily skin during the winter. So we recommend spend a few times a week applying face masks to make your skin more plump, beautifyl and radient. Some very good moisturising masks to try are masks with honey, rice bran.

4.      Do not use sleeping masks  

If you have oily skin, you should not use sleeping masks during the winter and especially the summer. Because sleeping masks have a thicker and more cconcentration texture than other skin care products, it is not designed for oily skin. 

5.      Drink plenty of water and eat less spicy food 

Not exactly a oily skin care in the dry season tip, but nonetheless very important. Provide moisture from within the body by drinking at least 2 liters of water per day. The liquid can be in the form of soup, warm tea, or simply water. Additionally, during the cold season, it is understandable that we may enjoy spicy dishes to heat up the body. However, during the dry season, eat less spicy food will help regulate sebum secretion. 

6.      Steam with essential oils 

During the cold dry season, you pores tend to tighten up, resulting in less tendency for your skin to breathe and detoxify. So every 2 weeks, we recommend using facial steamer with essential oils such as lemongrass or lavender, which helps refreshing your mind and detoxify your skin. For those with large pores (a common problem for people with oily skin), the steam should be set at the average level for less than 5 minutes. Make sure to rinse the face with cool water afterwards to close up your pores.