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Night skincare routine and tips for making the most out of sleep for your skin

When Disney released the movie Sleeping Beauty back in 1959, little did they actually know that sleeping for beauty was a thing and how important sleep is for your skin.


Over the past few years, many studies and research show how sleep impacts your skin and appearance. A couple of key takeaways:

  • Poor quality sleep leads to an increase in fine lines, uneven pigmentation and reduced skin elasticity compared to good quality sleep 
  • Even just one night of poor quality sleep can cause swollen eyes, dark undereye circles, paler skin and more wrinkles and fine lines


We all must sleep as part of our daily routine, so why not maximise this opportunity to give our skin the best care possible? Here are a few important things we can do to sleep our way to beauty:


  1.     Cleanse, and cleanse again during your night skincare routine

We all know that cleansing our face before we sleep is better for our skin (and linen – who likes makeup stained pillowcases and sheets!), but just as important as removing the visible make up of the day, is removing the invisible from our skin too, such as everyday environmental pollutants that cause our skin free radical damage known to contribute to skin ageing, including fine lines, wrinkles, and ageing spots.

By adding a two-step/cleanse to your night time skincare routine you can ensure your face is perfectly primed for absorbing any night creams/serums that you apply making them as effective as they can be while you sleep and your skin works hard to repair. Double cleansing also doesn't mean stripping your skin dry of its natural oils!

Micellar water contains tiny micelle molecules that attract dirt and oil to draw our impurities from your face without drying your skin out.

Swipe this over your face to remove make up and impurities – use it on cotton pads until no more visible makeup appears on the pad.

Follow it up with a normal water-based deep cleanser (as suitable for your skin type) to ensure the deeper pores are cleansed for impurities and bacteria.   


  1.     Weight matters…when it comes to night time skin products

So now we have perfectly cleansed skin – how do we now make sure the products we apply during our night time skincare routine are absorbed most effectively?

The answer is we do them light to heavy.

The lighter products are applied first, as they absorb more readily into the skin and the heavier cream-based type products are applied after, as these will be able to penetrate the skin through the lighter products, and trap the nutrients and moisture into your skin.

For a good night skincare routine, think serums and lightweight treatments first, eye and lip creams (yes, these are important too!) and then your heavier night time all over face cream to top it off!


  1.    Sleep on your back…or a silk pillow case

The more friction we place on our skin provides more room for wrinkles and fine lines to form – and if we’re using cotton pillowcases all the nutrients and products we apply before we go to bed are absorbed by the cotton and rub off before they even get a chance to properly work while we sleep!

The best thing is to sleep on our back to allow our night creams to absorb and work their magic and minimise the amount of time our face comes into friction with the pillowcase. If you can’t sleep on your back, the next best alternative is to swap out your cotton pillowcase for a silk one. It is kinder to your skin (and your hair!) and won’t suck the moisture out of your skin like cotton can. Don’t forget to change your pillowcases regularly!


  1.     Use a humidifier in drier conditions

Keeping your skin hydrated is important – as it ensures toxins are flushed, fluids are moving and your skins natural oils are not stripped and don’t go into overdrive (which can result in an overly oily T zone and acne breakout – ouch!).

In the winter months and drier conditions, use a humidifier in your room at night to enable you to maintain the air humidity levels in order to keep your skin hydrated. Also, a glass of water by the bedside wouldn’t hurt either!


So remember to double cleanse, apply lighter products first during your night skincare routine, avoid friction on your facial skin while sleeping and keep your skin hydrated. Hope these tips help you on your way to becoming a sleeping beauty!