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The Cornaline™ “French touch” keeps skin looking beautiful

Natural skin care routine: How to boost your skin’s radiance !

Pollution, sun exposure, dry or humid air: external aggressions are multiplying at the same lightening speed as the pace of urban life. The skin becomes lackluster and loses its natural glow. This is one of Asian women’s primary beauty concerns: as early as the age of 30, the skin can present signs of pigmentation disorders and other imperfections that will only grow more apparent with age.

To maintain the skin’s radiance, one must simply implement a beauty routine that is adapted to its specific needs: cleanse thoroughly, protect it with the proper skin care products, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These three tips should be integrated seamlessly into your daily routine.

1. Cleanse skin carefully

Cleansing is the key to success for pure, beautiful skin. It lifts away impurities and dead skin cells and prepares the skin for the skin care products that follow. Cleansing should be done every day, morning and night, using products with gentle formulations that respect the skin’s natural balance.

Asian skin types tend to be more sensitive. Because they are sebum-rich, they require adapted cleansing techniques.

To eliminate dead skin cells, avoid mechanical exfoliations that can irritate skin. Instead, opt for enzyme-based exfoliating formulas or gentle fruit acid peels.

2. Protect your skin with adapted formulations

Your skin has specific needs. Not all cremes will be appropriate. To care for your skin properly, you should: protect your skin every day from the potential effects of pollution and UV exposure, reduce pigmentation and dark spots, and support the skin’s natural renewal process at night.

Cornaline™ has created specific formulas that correspond to the needs of Asian skin types:

Cornaline™ Triple Protection Day Creme acts like a protective shield (anti-pollution, anti-UV, anti-tobacco) so that your skin can recover its natural radiance and even appearance.

Cornaline™ Triple Correction Night Creme gently supports the skin’s natural renewal process. It helps to eliminate excess sebum and diminish the appearance of dark spots. Upon awakening, the skin can breathe anew and appears purified, luminous and ready to face a new day.

3. Adopt a balanced lifestyle

By respecting your body’s natural rhythms and biological clock, you will also care for your skin. Here are a few tips for ensuring that your skin stays beautifully radiant and healthy-looking:

• Avoid alcohol and tobacco
Choose a balanced diet comprised of fruit, vegetables, lean protein, a variety of oils and whole grains.

• Always remember to keep your body hydrated
It’s easy to forget, but the skin’s radiance also depends on regular, balanced hydration.

• Go for quality sleep.
Your room should be calm and dark. Avoid late workouts at the gym or heavy meals at night. Don’t make a habit of going to bed late.


Certain ingredients are particularly rich in beta-carotenes, a substance that brings freshness to the complexion.
Get them by eating carrots, papayas and mangoes regularly.