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The Cornaline™ “French touch” keeps skin looking beautiful

In-flight skin care routine

Your bags are packed, your music playlist is downloaded and the taxi is on it’s way to pick you up, but the skies may not be so friendly to your skin. Here are simple tips to keep you skin in good conditions

A mistake not to make

You’ve arrived tired and just don’t want to remove your makeup, but you must do it to avoid your skin from appearing tired the following day. Slacking on removing your makeup before bed is not an option as keeping makeup on, can block pours, trap bacteria and cause blemishes.

Better, if possible, don’t apply makeup to the face before you fly but do apply moisturizer.

Hydration is Key

Flying dries the skin out and creates a puffy effect. It’s necessary to hydrate inside and out. Drink lots of water and limit alcohol and caffeine consumption. Avoid salty foods, airport snacks and tight clothes

A hydrating mask is also great during flights or immediately after landing.

Take with you a skincare bag

skin care set

The positive effects of travel on the psyche may not be so positive on our skin. Leaving the comfort of your own home may have your skin feeling uncomfortable and acting different. So it is important to keep a consistent regime by taking with you a skin care bag with a cleanser, makeup remover wipes, a moisturizer, a set of Cornaline creams which will protect, hydrate your skin in the day time and treat it at night.

Traveling is not the time to neglect your skin.