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What is the hydrolipidic protective barrier and how to protect it?

The hydrolipidic protective barrier is a natural, protective layer that resides directly on top of the stratum corneum, and it is made up of sebum, lipids, water and sweat. Think of it like your skin’s security guard. It stops the bad things from entering, and protects the good things inside. This includes protecting the skin’s microbiome (the trillions of microbes and friendly bacteria that impact how the skin looks and functions from day to day).

A strong skin barrier is necessary to protect the skin and its contents from damaging substances that would otherwise penetrate and absorb into the skin. They also help to keep in nourishment, moisture and in some cases, allow bodily functions to take place and necessary substances to be transferred to wherever they need to go.

A depleted hydrolipidic protective barrier is a major common denominator for accelerated aging, signs of sensitivity and unhealthy skin that looks older than its years.

Without the protection that the hydrolipidic protective barrier provides, the skin is laid bare to every attack and will become increasingly weaker and the aging process will accelerate the longer the barrier is left out of balance. Plus, without a strong hydrolipidic barrier to protect it, any skin care benefits are only temporary.

Some factors of degradation of the hydrolipidic protective barrier are unavoidable and intrinsic (chronological aging or genetics), while some are more preventable and extrinsic (incorrect product use, pollution and environmental aggressions…).

Now let’s look deeper at these factors and how they damage your skin.

 Do you over-cleanse?

Cleansing more than twice a day can weaken the hydrolipidic protective barrier.

 Are you using products for your correct skin type?

Using a product for an incorrect skin type can strip skin of the natural sebum it needs.

 Do you exfoliate too frequently?

Aggressive at-home products and peels are often marketed as a way to get great skin, but over-exfoliation is a surefire way to damage the skin’s barrier

 Do you use too much pressure when manual scrubbing?

Just as over-exfoliation can be damaging, so too can scrubbing with too much pressure. This can physically scratch away the skin’s protective layer.

 Are you using unnecessary skin care tools?

These can include overly-aggressive rotating brushes, hand mitts, buff puffs, pore strips...

 Do you overdo it?

Sometimes a "more is better" philosophy can backfire. Do not apply more product than needed, do not apply it more often than directed.

 Do you protect you skin against sun rays and pollution?

Both are strong aggressors to your skin

 So to improve your barrier breakdown, pay attention how care your skin and use advanced facial which is designed for your skin, and which will protect it and nourish your skin’s barrier.