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How to take care of your face: five mistakes not to make

Why is the skin still dry, still dull after applying your skin care cream? Why do skin rashes appear? How long does it take for the skincare routine to work? These are the common questions asked by many women, as a result of some common mistakes:

1. Lack of cleanliness

Lack of cleanliness as mentioned here is not only for your face but also for your hands. Some women have a habit of just washing their face with water or cleansing milk but they do not wash their hands before applying their skin cream.

Skincare applied on a skin using unclean hands will only be harmful. While the skin cannot absorb nutrients because of dead cells, dirt and dust, the layer of skin cream combines with dirt and dust, and bacteria to clog the pores, creating a suitable environment for bacteria to penetrate the skin making it prone to rashes.

Therefore, if you wear make-up, make sure to remove it using a dedicated product, wash your hands and your face thoroughly before a skincare routine.


2. Unsuitable products for your skin type

Skincare products are numerous in types on the market. A product used by your best friend or advertised by a beautiful Korean actress you love, will not surely bring you a good effect. Because each skin is different, because the climate in Korea is very different from that in Vietnam.

Here are some basic knowledge you need to have before you decide to buy some skin cream:

your skin type: oily, normal, dry or mixed

what you need to take care of: melasma, freckles, uneven skin, acne, etc.


3. Products of unclear origin, not verified


Walking around on the web you will be fascinated by ads of homemade skin creams, oriental-medicine whitening creams from hot girls online who guarantee skin whitening, smoothening in only 5 days to 1 week.

The common point of these products is an absence of barcodes, no product quality registration, vague chemical compositions. Why? For quick and obvious effects, toxic chemicals are added to most of these “mixed creams”, most commonly cortisone. A strong anti-inflammatory whose long use would cause skin irritation, skin atrophy, kidney failure. In addition, hydroquinone (banned in all European skincare products) and mercury, fast whiteners but likely to bring about ill effects, are also commonly used in mixed creams, peeling creams.

Be cautious and make yourself up smartly with products that can be traced (e.g. via QR code).


4. No sunscreen

 Sun rays are the enemy of the skin. Sunscreen not only protects you from UV rays from the sun but also from harmful radiation from the computer. You can use your own sunscreen or skin cream with an SPF index of 15 or higher.

Otherwise, your skin will not be able to withstand the effects of hyperpigmentation, aging, dehydration due to sunlight and radiation.



5. No perseverance


Remember: Practice makes perfect. The mentality of seeing clear results as quickly as possible is becoming rather popular. But, understand that any skincare product needs to go through a process to penetrate your skin and improve its condition.

Often, after one to two months, your skin will look more and more beautiful. If you are expecting a rapid change, it will make you easily frustrated, abandon the course and unable to achieve the results as expected. As mentioned above, only creams mixed with “toxic whiteners” can have their action after a few days.