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How to relieve stress with food rich in adaptogens

04 July 2018

Adaptogen is a term sounding kind of strange but actually familiar. They are known as a group of unique herbs, which is used to promote health of adrenal gland – the system in charge of regulating hormone which causes stress of the body, by which help the body to release stress in daily life.

Nowadays, we can easily find Adaptogen in many herbs such as: panax ginseng, basil, Indian ginseng, Astragalus propinquus, lingzhi, licorice, Vegetable caterpillar…they are traditional herbal medicines which have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. 



Modern medicine has found out evidence proving that Adaptogen brings positive benefits and safe to use in long-term period. However, to be classified as an Adaptogen, foods must satisfy the following conditions:

- Cause no harms for users.

- Have positive effects on the whole body.

- Establish the balance/internal balance;

- Reduce the harmful effects of stress.

- Normalize body systems and support the optimal anti-oxidant.

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