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How to love yourself?

If asked "Do you love yourself?", most will answer "yes". So how do you love yourself? Have you ever asked yourself why people around do not treat you well? Why do you get tired of everything and even disappointed by everything? Is it because you love yourself incorrectly?

Cherish your body

Whether fat or thin, tall or short, pretty or not, you were born to be a unique individual from DNA to appearance. So love your body, do not try to turn yourself into a soulless doll that one would find everywhere or someone else's copy. Because your body is the only thing that will stay with you for the rest of your life, because it is a crystallization of the love and care your parents have for you. The standards of beauty are always strict. Running after such standards will only get you tired and cause you to lose yourself gradually.

But love does not mean blind indulgence. A beautiful body is a healthy body. The simplest way to stay healthy is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and eat well.


Do you know that the more bored you are, the more exercise you should do? Because exercise will help the body produce endorphins, hormones to create a sense of joy and excitement that will improve both our health and mood. Also, do not forget to take care of all your body parts from hair to skin with good products.

Foster your mind

What would hours of social networking bring you? Imagine, if that amount of time is spent on reading books, you will both relax your mind and expand your worldview and knowledge. If you have never had this habit of reading, start it right today. Select a subject of a favorite type that can be common science, a novel or inspirational book. And if you already have this habit of reading, maintain it or challenge yourself with new, harder topics. Because loving oneself means upgrading oneself constantly. Like a healthy body, knowledge and understanding will be sustainable assets that will last you throughout your life.


Never confuse loving yourself with just knowing yourself. Talk, connect with your family, and meet, chat with your friends. The spinner of life can distract you from your family, make you lose contact with your friends, but surely a lonely person will not have a truly happy heart. Love yourself and others will love you as well.

Renew yourself with a new activity or experience, perhaps as a gift you give yourself, a trip, a  vase of flowers, not only for special occasions.

Dare to give up

Once you love yourself, you need to understand that you deserve the best. Will you give your loved one a rotten dish or a dirty torn dress? No, of course! Then do not treat yourself badly with bad habits or relationships. If you are a smoker, quit smoking. If a job gets you uneasy and bored, think of getting off. If a disparaging, complaining friend brings you negative feelings, break with him. If a relationship only bring you tears, stop it.