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Your skin routine according to your horoscope (2)

Here are the other six signs of the zodiac

Libra (24/9 - 23/10)

Libra does not take much care of their skin, but it is still pretty fine and healthy. They usually take much time to choose cosmetics because of their indecisive character. They are gently, they do not like noisy arguments that make them seems younger than their real age. They love beauty and being praised. As they are fond of making-up, a tips for Libra is that they should remove make up carefully  in the evening.

Scorpio (24/10 - 22/11)
Strong personality, Scorpio’s skin is often prone to acne. Besides using skin care products made of natural ingredients, Scorpio should purify the body through detox, yoga or meditation. When their mood is calm, not only health but also Scorpio’s skin will be beautiful.

Sagittarius (23/11 - 21/12)

Being the most active among the 12 horoscopes, a sociable, kind-hearted sign. Sagittarius should remember using sunscreen. The usual moving activity makes you forget your skin, so you should consider buying mini travel cosmetics sets. Sagittarius also usually stay up late, so try to sleep earlier, before 11 pm to keep a beautiful skin.

Capricorn (22/12 - 19/1)

Capricorn people are disciplined person. Their skin is also easily dried, and dullness making them look older than they are. Capricorn is truly a work and study horoscope. If they have decided to pursue, they will put their minds to the goal and forget to take care of themselves. Capricorn should remember to drink enough water and occasionally apply mask to avoid over-stressed skin.

Aquarius (20/1 - 18/2)

It is difficult to give advice for Aquarius, because of their weird character. They rarely listen to advice or accept other’s rules for themselves. Aquarius is intelligent and their thinking is sometimes quite different from others. Even for skin care,.they often do not consider it, or can casually create a do-it-yourself mask. Aquarius’s skin usually has many problems and the most useful advice for them is to see a dermatologist, because they only believe in expert advice.

Pisces (19/2 - 20/3)

If Gemini is a reviewer, Pisces shall be the most attentive fan. Pisces people are innocent, dreamer so they definitely support the cosmetics advertised by their idol. They can be easily discouraged so a 4 steps skincare routine is well adapted for them

Fortunately, the skin of Pisces is usually quite beautiful, sometimes has acne with rare bruise.