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Foot care: a routine for healthy feet

20 June 2018

It is wrong that our feet are being constantly ignored. However, they are continuously pressured, locked in shoes, or in contact with the dust and pollution from sandals or even sand and gravel. They take us from our professional meetings to endless shopping sessions. Therefore special care must be given to them. Below are some tips for establishing a healthy routine which will help restore beauty for our feet. A ritual of care to apply all year round.


A relaxing foot soaking bath

Once a week, we should offer a relaxing bath for our feet. A ritual to be performed at home or at the spa. In a tub, salt or specialized pebbles are added into warm water. The water should not be too hot to avoid swelling veins, nor too cold, if you want to have an effective result and have a pleasant time. This bath will help relieve the feet, and soften the keratin, before moving onto the next step of the care. This ritual should not be performed more than once a week. Similarly, salt must be used in a reasonable dose so as not to make the skin dry. This bath will help prepare the feet for the second stage of this ritual.


Remove dead skin

After soaking the skin is soft. We take this opportunity to remove small dead skin and rough spots in the arches of the foot. We use a pumice or a brush, making small circular movements, taking care not to attack the skin too much. Indeed, a too aggressive scrub can cause skin reaction: causing greater keratin. This step should not be performed too often: every 15 days. This scrub will soften the skin and remove the dead skin cells. This ritual is obviously recommended for the whole body.

Good hydration

Once the skin is cleared of impurities, we start the essential step of any beauty ritual: hydration. Good daily hydration is the key to a radiant skin. We will favor a rich moisturizer for our feet. This step helps prevent the formation of calluses and keratin on the feet. However, be careful not to put too much cream between the toes to prevent the formation of mycosis. Foot masks may be a substitute for this step.


Impeccable hygiene

Feet are often subject to sweating. To avoid bad smells and the possible formation of fungal infections, hygiene must be impeccable. Wash your feet well once a day. A deodorant or antiperspirant cream, specially designed for the feet, can be used. This ritual completed, our feet have recovered their health! There is only one final step, apply a colored polish on the toenails. We should use a semi permanent polish, with better coverage and resistance.