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Edible flowers to make attractive dishes

11 October 2018

We generally know the use of flowers for beauty and decoration. But have you ever wondered which food can be made from flowers?! In fact, many types of flowers are edible and used as favorite ingredients in many dishes. Try to find out what types of flowers.


Squash flowers

A popular dish throughout the country. Edible squash blossoms are the male flowers of the cushaw that do not produce fruit. Northerners boil squash blossoms because they give a sweet taste, the end of the squash is crunchy, very appetizing. The summer soup is also cooked with squash blossoms and minced meat, offering a sour taste.

 squash flower

In the South, squash blossoms as well as other types of flowers like sesbania sesban, sesbania grandiflora flowers are made into colorful and delicious "flower hotpots". In addition, squash blossoms are used in cooking soup, frying garlic, beef, oyster..., creating extremely attractive dishes.

Basil flowers

Basil flowers and leaves can absolutely be used to make different dishes. However, the flowers have a rather strong taste, making them less used. Usually, basil flowers are used as an addition to salad, soup or spaghetti.

 basil flower

Banana flowers

Banana flowers are a very popular cooking material and they have long been around in all parts of the country. They are often used to prepare salads, cook sour soup, or serve as vegetables to be taken with beef noodles, a very delicious dish.

 banana flower


In addition to having symbolic meanings, representing love, beauty and youth, roses are used in preparing unique and novel foods. This is the favorite ingredient for making jellies, jams, porridge, pastry and beverages.



There are many ways to use lavender to make sweet or salty foods. You can add lavender to biscuits, jams or jellies, or use it to make sauces for duck, chicken or lamb dishes.



Rosemary are very special and useful spice leaves in cooking. With a slightly bitter taste, a rich aroma, rosemary is “highly” preferred by chefs in the preparation of beef, chicken, pork or lamb dishes. You can also put some rosemary in dough dishes to add flavor.


Sesbania sesban flowers

Also known by people in the southwestern provinces under very popular names: flood season flowers, famine relief flowers. This type of flowers open in flood seasons in the Mekong Delta. Sesbania sesban flowers can be used to make sour vegetables, soups, salads. You can also brine-cook sesbania sesban flowers with mud carp or cook them in hotpots to make a very delicious dish.

 sesbania sesban

Lotus flowers

Lotus flowers have the same taste as watercress. You can combine them with butter or cheese and tomatoes for sandwiches. This recipe will not disappoint you. In addition, shallow-water lotus flowers can be used to decorate steaks, casseroles and many other dishes.


Fragrant cynanthe flowers

Also known as hyacinths. These flowers not only are a raw material for the preparation of nutritious food but also are considered a remedy. Many dishes are made from fragrant cynanthe flowers. The sweet taste of fragrant cynanthe flowers is perfect for simple pork, bone soups or making stewed pork leg dishes.



Marigolds are perhaps rather strange but they are an ideal ingredient to add to salads, bread, seafoods or desserts that we often have.


Sesbania grandiflora flowers

They grow high, in clusters and in two colors: white and violet. Sesbania grandiflora flowers have a slightly bitter but sweet aftertaste. From early lunar October, the sesbania grandiflora blossoms at the same time as the mud carp season to offer a very famous dish known as mud carp soup cooked with sesbania grandiflora flowers.


Yucca flowers

The white petals of the yucca flower have a sweet taste that makes people think of artichoke flowers. In spring, yucca flowers are often used for salads and as a decorative material for dishes.


Dandelion flowers

Dandelion flowers have a high iron content equivalent to that in amaranths, a vitamin A content four times as high as in lettuce and are very rich in trace elements. In addition, dandelion flowers contain protein, fat, starch... You can use them to cook or prepare soup together with other vegetables such as lettuce, offering a very pleasant taste when eating. Boiled dandelion flowers are used as vegetables or served fresh instead of lettuce ...


Garlic chive flowers

Garlic chive flowers have a surprising taste. they are widely used in salads, noodles, omelettes. In addition, families still use them as a daily ingredient when making fish, fried dishes... Garlic chive flowers are also used for decoration.

 garlic chive


Pansies have a taste almost like that of lettuce. Often used for decorating or preparing salads, pâtés or desserts.


Those edible flowers are commonly used in everyday dishes, however, not all flowers can be eaten. So, if you want to try “eating” some flowers, try to find out about them. And do not forget to remove the pistils before using the flowers for cooking.


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