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25 August 2018

Located in the highlands of Vietnam, Dalat is comparable to Paris in miniature. It offers a European-like appearance with architectural works bearing a strong stamp of glamorous French style, luxurious but still carrying an air of Oriental legend with springs and waterfalls now appearing, now disappearing, poetic pine hills spreading out, velvety flower gardens and swards shyly befriending the drops of morning dew or the traditional gong dance resounding through forests and mountains…


Perhaps anyone born and raised in this dew-wet highland of Dalat would not be supposed not to know that the origin of the place was discovered by a doctor named Alexandre Yersin - the one whose great contributions are preserved by his descendants. Currently, there are still places in Dalat which are named after him to show gratitude for and remember the achievements he made for Vietnam as well as to prevent and repel epidemics from the people here.

 Alexander Yersin

 If you have a chance to come to Dalat, you should definitely visit the following places:

-        Domaine De Marie Church, the Rooster Church: which are typical of the Roman architecture school and the most ancient constructions left by the French.

Domaine de Marie church

-        The Pedagogical College of Dalat: which is an architectural work recognized by the World Association of Architects as one of the 1,000 unique constructions of the world in the twentieth century.

-        Dalat Railway Station: which is regarded by many architects in and outside the country as the most beautiful ancient railway station in Indochina offering an architectural mixture of Trouville station in France and the shape of LangBiang Mountain (the highest mountain in the Western Highlands), and whose roof is a simulation of a communal house.

-        You should also explore the “Crazy House” - the most monstrous house in Dalat: which is a tourist attraction especially when arriving in Dalat. This Hang Nga villa is inspired by the works of the two eccentric artists Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudi, and resembles the high-flying style of the famous Disney Castle.

 Da Lat Crazy House

Not just having numerous beautiful works, Dalat also derives its poetic and dreamlike appearance from the cold of the highlands at night, the early morning fog and the pine forests surrounding the city. This simple but poetic beauty of Dalat always leaves a good impression on the traveler's mind about a “Paris” of modern Vietnam, which is ancient, beautiful but poetic, gentle but deep as the names ever attached to Dalat by the Vietnamese people: flower city, love city, spring city, fog city.

In addition, Dalat receives high praises from people. It attracts visitors with its fresh and eye-catching fruit specialties such as strawberry, pink mulberry, plum, peach, avocado and especially its hundreds, thousands of flower varieties grown in this land such as rose, sword lily, apricot blossom,... or other varieties from many parts of the world: France, England, Netherlands, Japan... All of them create a very particular, captivating beauty for Da Lat.


If possible, visit Dalat once with the people you love, to dispel the sultry sun along with the daily overloads of work. This place promises to be a great trip for your weekends.