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Carnelian: a stone of multiple virtues

02 November 2017

Physical properties

Carnelian – known as cornaline in French, - is known to increase energy and vitality. Placed on the lower abdomen, it can help relieve pain and aid digestion by reinvigorating the intestines, liver, kidneys and pancreas. This stone can also help to eliminate toxins and improve the body’s natural defenses.

Spiritual properties

Carnelian boosts concentration by absorbing negative thoughts and anchoring the mind in the present moment. It is a stone that helps daydreamers come back to reality. It rebalances concentration and is therefore ideal for creative people. Cornelian is also known to ward off nightmares. It stimulates courage in the face of adversity and feelings of failure and favors social and love relationships by clarifying the voice and enhancing communication.

Emotional benefits

Carnelian soothes feelings of anger by absorbing negative energy, favoring calm and well-being. It opens up the heart, banishing fear and sadness. It also helps raise consciousness of life's beauty and the power of love.

In Love relationships

Carnelian is an ideal stone for a woman wishing to attract a man (wear it in a ring, in this case). It also favors ties of friendship and alleviates heartache.

At home, place cornelian near the main entrance to invite abundance and protection.

Wear the stone against your skin, on a necklace, pendant or bracelet to optimize its benefits.

Joy, optimism, luck, courage, vitality…

All these exceptional qualities are the reason why the brand’s two French founders chose cornelian to symbolize their skin care range.