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Beauty tips : keeping up with the latest trends in skin care

28 September 2018

The beauty industry in general and the skin beauty industry, in particular improve each day. Body appearance comes first, before the skin itself. A beautiful skin obviously makes all women look more radiant and attractive, especially when the trend to natural beauty is highlighted. If you have a beautiful skin, just add some lipstick, apply some rouge, mascara to feel confident enough to go downtown. Have you ever wondered what secret brings the women you meet have such a beautiful skin? Do you want to have a smooth, vibrant, rosy skin? Let us explore the latest trends in skin care now.

Applying new achievements in science and high technology

Do not panic when you come across unusual phrases such as micro needling, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection, rejuvenating collagen thread implants or anti-aging laser, etc. The common point of these methods is that they apply the latest technologies to produce great, fast and lasting effects on the skin. However, you would need to go to good beauty salons to experience these methods with very high prices, more or less than ten million for a single treatment.


Minimalization is always a trend in every industry from fashion, architecture to skin beauty. The complex beauty steps, products with a long list of chemical components are giving way to multi-functional skin care products. Now some women have even reduced the skin care process to two or three steps, yet they are satisfied with their skin. Just get the right product and you will be saving not only time, effort but money as well. See the article on “Minimal skin care for the night”.

Towards clean, safe, natural products

Consumers are increasingly smart, which is what makes the cosmetics industry try to change itself. Phrases like “paraben-free”, “preservative-free” are appearing more and more. Even better, the trend towards extracts from natural origin for skin beauty is growing.


Sustainably beautiful from the inside

The radiance of a skin comes from the health of both the body and soul. Exercise, yoga, meditation makes your body healthy while blood circulation, metabolism, transpiration during such activities helps the skin eliminate toxics and makes it healthier. If you take notice, you will see that the skin of active women is always rosier and shows more vitality than those who do not exercise.


In addition to exercise, the diet will also greatly affect your skin. Add enough water (2 liters of water a day), eat more vegetables, reduce stimulants and spicy food if you do not want to get a dry skin and acne.

Remember: To achieve unprecedented results you have to try the methods, products you have never tried before! May you soon find out the right method and have a beautiful skin as you wish!