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Anti pollution skincare: How to protect yourself!

03 March 2018

Environmental pollution is a major concern for the health and beauty of our skin. The advances in dermo-technology aim to protect us from different pollutants.

Pollution or the "all-chemical" era

Pollution in big urban centers in industrialized countries is a global phenomenon and a health issue for the years to come. Core reasons are the booming of population as well as high productivity of agriculture and industry.


The increase of pollutionin the United States since the last war is enough to demonstrate the link between the development of a territory and the deterioration of its environment.


Pollution is a phenomenon that is caused not only by human as it involves complex phenomena such as natural radioactivity or volcanic activity. However, the "all-chemical" era is increasingly impacting the quality of life of urban and rural inhabitants, constantly exposed to toxic gases and other pesticides in the soil and in the air.


Pollution may have direct impacts on health through absorption of toxins by the air we breathe. Due to the wide diversity of polluting sources, from processed food to computer blue rays the process of eliminating this phenomenon is a difficult one.

The link between pollution and skin stress

The skin is the first natural barrier between the body and aggressors from the external environment. No wonder it is the place most exposed to the different pollutants surrounding us.


A dull and tired skin is often the sign of an unbalanced lifestyle. Exhaust pipes, sun, computer screens, cigarettes .... are some of the pollutants that increase the signs of aging and skin stress.


Dermatologists are the first to recognize the influence of pollution on the cellular aging process. Too much exposure to fine particles coupled with unhealthy lifestyle are enough to dehydrate the skin in depth.


The emergence of acne, melasma or blackheads are visible signs of the harmful effects of pollution on our overall health. In order to fight against those damages and promote a luminous complexion, cosmetic solutions work to significantly reduce the harmful effects of pollution on the beauty of the epidermis.


Dermo-technology in the skin service

Skin impacted by polluted environment is characterized by dehydration, risk of scaling and dullness. If pollution is the sworn enemy of beauty, new cosmetic formulas will fight against oxidation and inflammation of the epidermis in order to treat efficiently acne, melasma or blackheads.


Cosmetic laboratories compete to protect the skin from external aggressors. The challenge is to provide care that protect the skin against carbon particles, but also heavy metals and cigarette smoke.


This effective shield offers a second-skin-like-feeling without altering the oxygenation of the epidermis. Dermo-technology is largely inspired by nature's treasures such as micro-organisms capable of producing UV-protective bacteria. By forming a film on the skin, some treatments are to retain the particles on the surface while fighting against free radicals. 

Advanced cosmetic research is carried out to harness the best natural essence from plants. The ambition of high quality skincare is to protect against pollutants and allergens while ensuring a healthy and smooth skin.