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OUR STAR INGREDIENTS: Natural, effective and respectful of your skin.

Cornaline™ cremes are primarily composed of ingredients of NATURAL ORIGIN.

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A sunscreen to protect your face from the sun

Properties of  the sunscreen with a SPF15:

A sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor 15 (SPF15) protects skin from everyday sun exposure, thereby preventing the production of melanin and visible signs of premature ageing.

  • Fewer dark spots/pigmentation caused by sun exposure

  • The skin retains its youthful beauty

What is the most important time in the day for optimal skin protection?

  • Between 10am and 4pm, when UVB rays, the shortest and most powerful ones, are most intense. Meanwhile, UVA rays, which are less powerful but cause skin damage in the skin’s deeper layers, are present whenever the sun is up.

  • As a rule, we never apply enough sun cream. And yet, efficient sun protection is the most important factor in protecting the skin. Insufficient sun cream application can result in diminished effectiveness: inadequate application can reduce an SPF 15 to a protection factor of 7.


Because sun exposure promotes the premature ageing of the skin and causes sunburn, it is essential to protect the skin all year round.

The SPF 15 filter, which is mineral in origin, is sufficient for intermittent everyday sun exposure.

The SPF 15 filter blocks 93% of UV rays. Even in light cloud cover, 90% or more of ultraviolet rays still pass through. For that reason, it is important to apply sun protection even when the sun is blocked.

This active ingredient is present in

Cornaline Day Creme

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To protect the skin from the effects of environmental aggression and delay the appearance of visible signs of ageing, Cornaline™ has formulated a specific skin care ritual.

Day Creme acts like a shield to protect the skin against the adverse effects of pollution and UV rays and restore its natural radiance.

This skin care ritual is perfectly adapted to a busy urban lifestyle.


More about
What is SPF?

The Sun Protection Factor provides an indication of protection from sunburn. The higher the SPF index, the greater the filter’s protection: SPF 0 to 15 is suitable for low UV exposure; SPF 15 to 30 or more higher is necessary for high to extreme sun exposure. Sun filters are created primarily for protecting the skin against sunburn, and therefore from the visible signs of premature ageing, loss of elasticity and even skin cancers.

Know that clothing, hat and shade provide the greatest protection from the sun’s UV rays. However, not all clothing provides the same level of sun protection: much depends on the kind of fabric, its color and thickness. Cotton and linen, for example, offer less sun protection than wool and certain kinds of polyester. Dark colors protect better than light ones.


To the arsenal of sun protection products we can also add foods rich in carotenoids, or pigments that give fruits and vegetables their yellow or red color. Foods that have been found to be photo-protective include those high in beta-carotene (carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, etc.), lycopene (particularly tomatoes) and lutein (dark green leafy vegetables such as cabbage and spinach, whose yellow and red pigments are concealed by their high chlorophyll content).

A brief history

In the 20th century, the first recorded use of commercially available sun cream dates to 1928 in the United States: the emulsion contained benzyl silicate and benzyl cinnamate. A product based on phenyl salicylate came to market in Australia in the early 1930s.

Did you know?

In Asia, skin tones tend to be pale and fair. In Europe, a tanned complexion is considered a sign of good health!

This active ingredient is present in the

Cornaline skin care Duo

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To help the skin fight against the effects of environmental aggression and prevent the appearance of visible signs of ageing, Cornaline™ has developed a specifically formulated skin care duo with complementary actions.

A true protective shield, the day creme acts to preserve skin against UV rays and to restore its natural radiance. Triple Correction Night Creme acts in three ways to even out the complexion, refine the skin’s texture and leave it more supple.