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OUR STAR INGREDIENTS: Natural, effective and respectful of your skin.

Cornaline™ cremes are primarily composed of ingredients of NATURAL ORIGIN.

Their unique formulas are crafted with active ingredients whose efficacy is proven.

Skin sagging:Acetyl Dipeptide, a natural molecule to fight it

Properties of Acetyl Dipeptide:

Acetyl Dipeptide is a naturally occurring molecule that targets a loss of firmness in the skin. It helps to refine facial contours.

  • Fights against sagging

  • Helps to redefine facial contours

  • The face appears lifted, rejuvenated!


Clinically proven to improve skin’s elasticity.*


Acetyl Dipeptide increases the skin’s production of Elastin by 94 %

  • After two months of regular application, Acetyl Dipeptide (ACTIF®) significantly increases Elastin production and improves skin structure, leaving it firmer and younger looking.

  • 65% of women report a visibly lifted facial contour.

  • 84% of women report firmer skin.

* Tested in vivo and in vitro on a panel of women with an average age of 62.


By stimulating the body’s natural elastin production capacities, Acetyl Dipeptide (ACTIF®) helps to fight against a loss of firmness and noticeably “lifts” and refine the natural contours of the face.

Facial contours appear lifted.

This active ingredient is present in

Cornaline Night Creme

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Nighttime is when the skin renews itself. Cellular regeneration is twice as significant while you sleep. To help repair daily damage (pollution, UV rays, stress), Cornaline™ has formulated a specific skin care ritual. Triple Correction night crème acts in three ways to even out the complexion, diminish flaws and imperfections, and restore the skin’s natural elasticity.


More about
What are Peptides?

Peptides are biologically occurring short chains of amino acids that belong to the protein family. Dipeptides are composed of 2 amino acids..


Peptides are present in the composition of a number of substances that the body produces naturally, in particular hormones, proteins and neurotransmitters.

A brief history

Today, peptides have numerous cosmetic uses. Discovered approximately thirty years ago, their use has been enhanced and they have become increasingly effective in terms of skin and body care. Peptides are known to be effective in firming and slimming formulas, for tanning and whitening, and in protecting skin from irritation and environmental aggressions.

Did you know?

Many chains made of dozens of peptides are required to form a protein.

his active ingredient is present in the

Cornaline skin care duo

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To help the skin fight against the effects of environmental aggression and prevent the appearance of visible signs of ageing, Cornaline™ has developed a specifically formulated skin care duo with complementary actions.

A true protective shield, the day creme acts to preserve skin against UV rays and to restore its natural radiance. Triple Correction Night Creme acts in three ways to even out the complexion, refine the skin’s texture and leave it more supple.