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OUR STAR INGREDIENTS: Natural, effective and respectful of your skin.

Cornaline™ cremes are primarily composed of ingredients of NATURAL ORIGIN.

Their unique formulas are crafted with active ingredients whose efficacy is proven.

Large pores: Enantia chlorantha bark, a natural extract to minimize them

Properties of Enantia chlorantha bark extract (combined with Oleanolic acid):

Enantia chlorantha is often used to alleviate skin concerns. Enantia chlorantha bark extract has astringent properties that make it an effective remedy for a variety of cutaneous problems.

Benefits :
  • Tightens pores

  • Reduces the appearance of oiliness and shine

  • Mattify the complexion


Clinically demonstrated effectiveness on dilated pores and oily skin

Effects on shine visible after 28 days of twice-daily application.

Visibly reduces the size of pores after 28 days of twice-daily application.

* Tested in vivo on a panel of women and men with oily skin types and dilated pores.


Enantia chlorantha bark extract helps to balance combination and oily skin types, reduce shine and visibly diminish pore size.

The complexion appears matte and leaves skin feeling soft.

This active ingredient is present in

Cornaline Night Creme

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Nighttime is when the skin renews itself. Cellular regeneration is twice as significant while you sleep. To help repair daily damage (pollution, UV rays, stress), Cornaline™ has formulated a specific skin care ritual. Triple Correction night crème acts in three ways to even out the complexion, diminish flaws and imperfections, and restore the skin’s natural elasticity.


More about
Enantia chlorantha
What is Enantia chlorantha?

Enantia chlorantha (also known as African whitewood) is a tree that grows to a height of 12 to 30 meters and has a smooth, thick, yellow bark with a very bitter flavor. Its flowers are green and pulpy. Its fruit, known as palm nuts, resemble olives. Enantia chlorantha thrives in the underbrush of dense equatorial forests in Southern Nigeria and Angola. It also grows in tropical Africa (Cameroon, Gabon, and Congo).


Thanks to its astringent properties, extract of Enantia chlorantha bark is often used to treat problem skin.

A brief history

The African continent has a major tradition of using medicinal plants.

Only recently have modernized countries discovered the richness of these plants and their active ingredients and begun to incorporate them into conventional skin care products.

Did you know?

Many parts of this “magic” tree are used for various purposes: its bark is used to dye fabrics or to make doors or partitions, and its trunk is used to make paddles.

This active ingredient is present in the

Cornaline skin care duo

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To help the skin fight against the effects of environmental aggression and prevent the appearance of visible signs of ageing, Cornaline™ has developed a specifically formulated skin care duo with complementary actions.

A true protective shield, the day creme acts to preserve skin against UV rays and to restore its natural radiance. Triple Correction Night Creme acts in three ways to even out the complexion, refine the skin’s texture and leave it more supple.