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OUR STAR INGREDIENTS: Natural, effective and respectful of your skin.

Cornaline™ cremes are primarily composed of ingredients of NATURAL ORIGIN.

Their unique formulas are crafted with active ingredients whose efficacy is proven.

Air pollution: protect your skin with the Ivy,Sunflower and Rice Bran Complex


Clinically demonstrated anti-pollution effectiveness*


In vivo and in vitro* testing of Ivy + Sunflower + Rice Bran Complex has proven its efficacy as a “shield’ and its protective effect on the skin’s living cells:

  • 65% reduction din cell mortality due to exposure to cigarette smoke.

  • 200%-300% increase in the survival rate of cells exposed to exhaust gases.

  • 100% survival of cells exposed to heavy metals!

* Tested in vivo and in vitro in France

Properties of the Ivy + Sunflower + Rice Bran Complex

Combined in an exclusive complex of active ingredients,

ivy, rice brand and sunflower make it possible to protect the skin

from different air pollution, including

cigarette smoke, exhaust and heavy metals.

  • The skin breathes and maintains its purity

  • The skin is liberated from the stress of an urban environment

  • The skin is shielded from pollution and detoxifies itself


This active ingredient is present in

Cornaline Day Creme

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To protect the skin from the effects of environmental aggression and delay the appearance of visible signs of ageing, Cornaline™ has formulated a specific skin care ritual.

Day Creme acts like a shield to protect the skin against the adverse effects of pollution and UV rays and restore its natural radiance.

This skin care ritual is perfectly adapted to a busy urban lifestyle.


More about
What is Ivy?

Ivy or climbing ivy is a species of evergreen climbing or creeping woody plants in the Araliaceae family. It grows spontaneously in temperate zones of the northern hemisphere, but it is also cultivated as an ornamental plant.


The ancient Greeks were known to consume a beverage made of wine and macerated ivy leaves as protection against poisoning. Today, Ivy is grown in homes for its purifying, anti-pollution properties: its leaves capture the benzene present in plastics, glue and cigarette smoke.
Ivy extract also helps to heal respiratory issues and is used in cough syrup formulas.

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More about sunflower:

The sunflower is a large annual plant belonging to the Asteraceae family. First discovered in America, it was brought to Europe in the mid-18th century. It is widely cultivated for its oil-rich seeds. Sunflower is, along with canola and olive oil, one of the three principal oils used in Europe for the preparation of food.


Sunflower seeds ripen surrounded by a magnificent crown of golden petals, and contain high levels of calcium and magnesium, vitamin B and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids that are invaluable for skin- and hair care.

The sunflower is also grown to extract heavy metals from the soil.

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Rice Bran
More about Rice Bran

Rice bran refers to the envelope surrounding a grain of rice and represents nearly 60% of its nutritional value. When rice is refined, this outer layer is removed, despite the fact that most of the benefits of rice are concentrated in the bran.

A. Hull

B. Bran

C. White race

D. Germ


Rice bran’s incredible concentration of anti-oxidants makes it a star ingredient in the fight against the signs of ageing. By protecting the body from free radicals, rice bran preserves a youthful-looking appearance and protects the skin from external aggressors. It is particularly recommended for skin that is mature, sensitive and/or lackluster.

This active ingredient is present in the

Cornaline skin care duo

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To help the skin fight against the effects of environmental aggression and prevent the appearance of visible signs of ageing, Cornaline™ has developed a specifically formulated skin care duo with complementary actions.

A true protective shield, the day creme acts to preserve skin against UV rays and to restore its natural radiance. Triple Correction Night Creme acts in three ways to even out the complexion, refine the skin’s texture and leave it more supple.