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OUR STAR INGREDIENTS: Natural, effective and respectful of your skin.

Cornaline™ cremes are primarily composed of ingredients of NATURAL ORIGIN.

Their unique formulas are crafted with active ingredients whose efficacy is proven.

Acne-prone skin: Lilac - Syringa Vulgaris to care it

Properties of Lilac:

Lilac extract is an active ingredient that is perfectly adapted to oily skin and acne-prone skin types. Specifically, it targets shine and helps to regulate sebum production.

  • Reduces shine and oiliness

  • Diminishes blemishes due to acne

  • Detoxifies the skin


Clinically proven effectiveness on oily and acne-prone skin types

Effects visible after 1 month of twice-daily application.

In just one month, Lilac (ACTIF®) can regulate sebum production and reduce the appearances of redness and imperfections by up to half. *

  • 71% of women report a sensation of newly purified skin

  • 70% of women report a noticeable reduction in “shiny skin”

  • 64% of women report noticeably less acne pimples.

* Tested in vivo and in vitro on a panel of women with oily skin types.


Lilac (ACTIF®) is known to regulate sebum production,to control hyperpigmentation and to stem acne.

Purifies and mattifies the complexion and leaves the skin feeing refreshed.

This active ingredient is present in

Cornaline Night Creme

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Nighttime is when the skin renews itself. Cellular regeneration is twice as significant while you sleep. To help repair daily damage (pollution, UV rays, stress), Cornaline™ has formulated a specific skin care ritual. Triple Correction night crème acts in three ways to even out the complexion, diminish flaws and imperfections, and restore the skin’s natural elasticity.


More about
What is Lilac?

The Lilac is a species of flowering shrub in the Oleaceae family. It grows widely on the European continent, where it is often used as an ornamental plant. Its purple-hued flowers form very fragrant clusters.


The medicinal uses of Lilac are little known, but the oil extracted from its flowers is beneficial for reducing fever and inflammation; it also had anesthetic properties and is used as a topical healing aid and for soothing pain associated with rheumatism.

A brief history

Symbolically, lilac is the flower associated with the purity and innocence of a first declaration of love. In the United States, superstition has it that offering lilacs to a young lady would keep her single for an entire year.

In the language of flowers, white lilacs represent innocence, youth and purity. Mauve lilacs signal lover’s anxiety over the beloved. Red lilacs herald the blossoming of love.

Did you know?

The Lilac originally comes from Persia (Iran), where it is called “nilak”, signifying its blue-ish color.

This active ingredient is present in the

Cornaline skin care duo

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To help the skin fight against the effects of environmental aggression and prevent the appearance of visible signs of ageing, Cornaline™ has developed a specifically formulated skin care duo with complementary actions.

A true protective shield, the day creme acts to preserve skin against UV rays and to restore its natural radiance. Triple Correction Night Creme acts in three ways to even out the complexion, refine the skin’s texture and leave it more supple.